Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekend Recap-New Parks

Saturday morning, I ran to Hobby Lobby with Carter (while Greg and Evan went to Best Buy) to get some patriotic décor on clearance. I got some really cute stuff for super cheap. I love shopping the day after a holiday.

Afterwards, we took the boys to Evans Towne Center park. They added a new playground that just opened up this week, so we thought the boys would want to check it out. This park was already the nicest park in Augusta without the HUGE addition, but it's always pretty crowded. Now that there's more stuff to play on, I think it'll help with the equipment being so crowded. It wasn't too bad when we went there, though.

The boys had a blast.

The boys had so much fun checking out the new slides, climbing up everything and playing with the other kids.

There's even another spider web for the kids to climb on.

After naps, we took the boys to the mall to play in the play area.

The boys always have a good time there, we haven't been a lot lately, so they played really good.

The people at the mall got smart and moved the car things next to the play area, so all the kids see them and ask their parents to ride them. Our boys are still perfectly happy just sitting in them without us putting in the money to make them go.

Sunday morning, I did a quick Pinterest craft. We took the boys to Virginia Beach back during the summer of 2012 and since it was their first trip to the beach, I got some sand to take home since I knew I'd use it in some crafts. This was the quickest, easiest craft and I love how it turned out.

You just take magnetic spice cases and put a picture in it and some sand. That's it.

Sunday after nap, we took the boys to a splash park in North Augusta, South Carolina. It's not too far and it was one we've never been too. We ended up staying a couple hours, the boys had such a great time. It wasn't fancy or anything, they just really love going somewhere new and different.

Evan took a break and played on the playground some, but Carter mostly played in the splash pad area.

We moved over to the grass, where it was shaded and were able to see the boys without burning up.

The boys worked up quite and appetite running around playing, so they had to have a snack break.

The boys found a couple other kids to play with at the park area and they played a little while they dried off.

I would definitely add this park into our 'rotation" just to keep things interesting for the boys.

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