Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Boys

I never did a weekend recap, but we didn't do a whole lot. Friday night, we went to the pool when Greg got home. Saturday morning, the boys had a tball game and Saturday night was Parent's Night Out at the Y. Greg and I dropped the boys off, went to dinner and then shopping for school supplies for the boys.

Sunday, Greg had to do some work from home, so I took the boys to church. The church we've been going to has free coffee and cheese biscuits for everybody, so the boys each had a biscuit before I dropped them off at the kids church.

And, a car selfie on the way home from church. It's really hard to remember to be in the picture since I'm always the one taking the picture.

After church, we took the boys to the pool. The weather was nice and they had a blast.

They insisted on wearing their goggles there. I don't know how those things are comfortable, but the boys love them.

Monday, the boys started week two of their swim lessons. They go from 10-10:45. We usually run errands after swim practice, and it always requires food for the boys, like a hot dog from Sam's Club, popcorn from Target, etc.

The rest of this post is pictures from swim lessons and there's a ton! We get there a couple minutes early, and I always try and get a quick picture of the boys together every day.

I hate that this is blurry, but I love it so much, so I had to post it. I asked the boys if I could take a picture and they said yes and then I went to take one and they both yelled "No" so I made a sad face and put my phone down, so they said "ok, you can take a picture" and then when I lift my phone up again, they both yell "no" and start laughing. It has become a game and it's the reason I was able to get all these pictures of them smiling and laughing.

It's so hard to catch them both laughing and I'm just so in love with these pictures.

After swim lessons on Tuesday, I took the boys to the outdoor pool. Of course, they had to start off with a snack. I swear these growing boys never stop eating.

It's  been a lot cooler this week than it has been most of this summer, plus it was only 11, so I guess the pool hadn't warmed up enough for the boys. Evan was freezing. They ended up only playing for about 40 minutes because they said it was just too cold.

Wednesday, the boys decided to play their same "yes/no" game with me on pictures, so I was able to get several of them smiling and happy.

So cute!

The boys are doing really good in their swim class. They can both swim 5ft unassisted and that's the requirement to be moved up to the next level, so that's exciting. We're going to sign the boys up for the next level swim lesson that will start in a couple of weeks. They only have two more weeks of tball, and the next swim lessons will start after that's over, so it shouldn't be too much going on for them. I want them to be able to build on these skills they've learned these past two weeks. The boys start school next Friday (the 8th) so we'll get done with these daily swim lessons tomorrow, have a week off and then school starts, summer is flying by.

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