Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthday Weekend

The day after the boys' first birthday, my parents and sister drove up from Georgia. They got in about 3:00 on Friday and my dad left in the morning on Sunday. My mom and sister were able to stay for a week (well, 10 days because of the hurricane) and spend some extra time with the boys. Friday we just relaxed, spent time playing with the boys, and talking out on the deck after the boys went to bed. Saturday was the day we decided to celebrate the boys birthday. We let them open a few presents before lunch. After their afternoon nap, the boys had cake. It was a lot of fun watching each of them with their birthday cake. My dad and Greg spent a little time working on a few projects around the house, like hanging some shelves on the inside of my pantry doors for spices and condiments and hanging the boys swings that they got them for their birthday. My dad had brought up some ribs that he had been marinating for a few days and cooked them up for dinner, while me, my mom, and sister pushed the boys on the swings in the backyard. I know that we're going to get a ton of use out of those. We took the boys in the basement and let them see and open all their presents, but since they got quite a bit of stuff, we're leaving some things down there for when we take them in the basement and some things we're leaving in the boxes and we'll switch out their toys every few weeks to keep it fun and interesting for them. They got a lot of great gifts from everybody in the family, they are definitely spoiled rotten. I wish that my dad had been able to stay a little bit longer, the boys always have the BEST time with him. I know the boys enjoyed their birthday weekend.

Here's some pictures from the weekend. They are all out of order and there's A LOT of them!!

The boys with a couple of their presents
Being pushed by Mamaw
The boys played with their balloons for several days.
Playing with Daddy & Papaw

The boys' smash cakes from Harris Teeter
Carter was not having the hat.
This is exactly how Carter eats everything! He politely takes one piece, places it in his mouth, chews it up completely and then takes another bite. He was taking of the polka dots one by one and eating them.
And this is how Evan eats. :) He cannot get it in his mouth fast enough. He's so funny.
After cake, we bathed them and put them in clean outfits. Then, we took them into the basement to play with some more of their new toys. The couch/pull out bed is one of their birthday gifts also.
They love the swings.

I wish blogger would have kept my pictures in the order that I uploaded them, but oh well. 

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