Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boys' First Earthquake

So, we had our first earthquake on the 23rd. My mom and sister were still up from Georgia and Greg was at work. It was about 11:50am, and Evan was upstairs taking a nap in his crib. I was getting ready to change Carter's diaper downstairs and my mom and sister were standing in the living room/kitchen area. The house started shaking, I asked on of them to go upstairs with Evan (and by ask, I mean shrieked "GET EVAN!!), so my mom went upstairs with him, he looked at the wall shaking and looked back at her, she covered him up and he went back to sleep. The timer fell off the stove and Caroline and I both freaked out, we both became teary eyed messes. The night before, we lost power for about an hour for no reason what-so-ever. There was no wind, no rain, nothing. It freaked me out and the first thing I thought when the earthquake happened was that it was a terrorist attack. We saw several people in the neighborhood go outside, we turned on the tv and found out it was an earthquake. We don't have a house phone, just cell phones and cell service was hit or miss. I got a text from Greg asking if we were alright, before I was able to get a text to go through to let him know everything was fine, he pulled into the driveway. His work shut down, so he got to come home early. All our pictures were crooked and one fell over. That was the extent of the damage of the earthquake for us, my timer fell off the stove, a picture fell over, and all my pictures were crooked. It was scary when it happened because earthquakes don't happen in Virginia and we had no idea what to think or do. We have a plan for a tornado, but had no idea what to do when the house started shaking. Thinking about it now, it's actually kinda funny how me and my sister were on the verge of tears and Evan just went right back to sleep and Carter stared at us like we were crazy. The boys definitely did better with it than we did. We had two aftershocks that we felt, they were pretty strong, and both were at night, but since we knew what they were and were expecting them, it didn't phase us. I read a comment on Facebook from a guy in California that said he "eats 5.8s for breakfast", I thought that was funny. It was all that was on tv or talked about the rest of the week. I thought this picture I saw on Pinterest summed it up perfectly (and made me laugh) haha.
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