Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall TV

Fall TV is back, now that I've finally watched the season premiere's of all the shows that I plan on watching this season, I'm going to do a quick recap.

How I Met Your Mother
I love this show, I'll watch every episode until it goes off the air. It's so funny. The season premiere did not disappoint.

The Sing Off
Greg and I have watched this the past two seasons when it was just a 3 week show in December. We love it. But, we hate the crap that goes with a singing type competition show. We tivo this (we tivo all our shows) and fast forward through all the crap. I don't listen to what the judges say most of the time because I really don't care, I don't listen to the bands back stories, or watch them prepping for the upcoming song, I don't watch the 5 minutes it takes Nick Lachey to give the results on which group made the cut. I just watch the singing. There's always a few groups that are amazing, it's entirely accapala, so there's no instruments. I have downloaded songs from each season on my ipod and have already downloaded one from the first epidsode. I'm looking forward to this season, I think it's going to have a lot of really talented groups.

The New Girl
We watched the first episode of this show and it was pretty disappointing. Zooey Deschanel's character is a little too quirky. It's kinda annoying. There were some funny parts (The Douchbag Jar) so I'll give it another try this week, if it's not any better, I will not be watching this show.

I do not like redemption island, I don't like that they're bringing back old players, and I cannot stand Russell's nephew. I'm tired of Russell and his nephew manages to bring him up every 2 seconds. But, no matter how annoying this all is, I will still watch it. I'm hooked on this show.

Up All Night
We've watched two episodes of this show. I love it. I think it's hilarious. I think Maya Rudolph is so funny. Greg on the other hand, does not like it as much as I do. He says that the concept is what we're living right now and he doesn't need to watch a 30 minute show when we're living it. We're going to give it one more episode, if he's not sold, we'll stop watching it and maybe get it on dvd when the boys are a little older.

LOVE this show. It's hilarious. Daniel Tosh is so funny and offensive. I love it. The first show was filmed at ASU since they won the contest he was holding and it was awesome.

Obviously we'll be watching this. Joel Mchale is my favorite. I think this show is quirky in a good way. It's random and very funny. I love it.

We both think Whitney Cummings is hilarious. We loved her on Chelsea Lately and the show is really funny. What's not funny is the laugh track or whatever that happens every single time a joke is made. It reminds me of a cheesy 90's sitcom. I hate that part, and if doesn't get under control, we'll have to stop watching it. It's so distracting.

Blue Bloods
This is my favorite show that we watch. I love cop dramas, and it's been awhile since NYPD Blue and the good Law and Orders. I look forward to this show all week. I love all the characters and the actors/actresses that play them. I really hope this show stays on the air for a long time.

The Soup
I'll watch this for as long as it's on the air. every single week. I've been watching it for years and I love it.

A few shows that I want to watch but we've either got behind or waited so long to start watching that we're going to buy them on DVD: Glee, Modern Family, Parenthood, and The Middle

This looks like a lot of shows, but we tivo everything and watch it the next night, so a 30 minute show is about 20 minutes. It saves a lot of time. And I'm pretty sure a few of these will get dropped before the end of the season (The New Girl)

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