Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boys' Actual Birthday

The boys' actual birthday was pretty low key. My family came up from Georgia the next day to celebrate so we saved our presents and cake for when they got here. We did bring up the toy kitchen for them to play with, since we had it in the basement and that's where my family stays when they're here.

The neighbor across the street brought over two gifts for the boys. She actually shares a birthday with the boys. I thought it was so sweet for her to get them something. We let the boys open the gifts from her on their birthday.

Here's some pictures of the boys on their birthday.

Playing with the play kitchen when they woke up.

Eating breakfast on their birthday.
They do this towards the end of each meal. They look at each other and smile and laugh. Sometimes they'll share their food, and by that I mean Carter gives Evan a bite of his. Evan doesn't share his food. :) They'll hold hands, babble back and forth, etc. It's really, really cute.

Opening their presents from the neighbor.
But, Carter had to give it a spin around the living room first. They like to turn everything into a push toy.
They loved their toys. One is a boat to play with in the bath and the other is a fun phone with a string that they can pull around. It plays music, numbers, etc.

So, that pretty much sums up their actualy birthday. I'll do a post with pictures from the weekend that we actually celebrated their birthday.

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