Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miscellaneous Thursday

Everybody has been under the weather this week, so there's not much new going on. I think we're on the tail end of it and I hope everybody is back to normal in time to enjoy the nice weather we're expecting this weekend.
I booked the boys fall pictures for the end of October. I've been wanting to get some outdoor pictures of the boys, and I think fall is the perfect time. You can visit the photographer's facebook page here. We'll be getting them done on her farm with some fun fall props, like hay and pumpkins. I'm really looking forward to this and I'm having fun picking out the outfits that I want them to wear in the pictures.

I think the boys are getting close to needing just one nap a day and that makes me very sad. I'm not ready for just one nap a day. :( I think Carter will be ready before Evan will be so that means different schedules for a little while, which I'm not looking forward to.

I got an iphone today and I'm super excited. I just wanted a phone with a nice camera on it, and that was the one we decided to get. I'm selling my ipod touch and my small digital camera since I no longer need either of them.

I've already started on my Christmas list and there are several things on there from Etsy as well as a list of all the places I'd love gift cards to. Now, I just need to find 100+ people that want to buy me a christmas gift and I'll be set.

I think I have a serious addiction to buying books. I don't have time to read them, I'm still working on "Redeeming Love" that I started a few months ago. It has over 30 chapters and I'm only reading one every few days. Yet, I still keep buying books. I can't stop. Especially when I'm ordering something on Amazon. All orders that are 25.00 or more get free shipping. So I can not bring myself to pay for shipping when all I have to do is add more items and shipping will be free.

I'm really looking forward to a nice, relaxing evening playing with my iphone, looking at Pinterest, and maybe catching up on some episodes of Teen Mom. I hope the boys sleep good tonight and we all wake up tomorrow rested and feeling 100%.

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