Friday, September 23, 2011

Picture Dump

I have some random pictures that I've taken throughout the week, so I decided to just do an entire post of them.

The boys have really been into looking out the windows lately. They love to watch things like the garbage man, lawn care services, etc. and I know they want to go outside. It's been rainy all week, so we've been cooped up inside a lot.
Carter watching the lawn care service at the house across the street.
If Evan is eating, then he's a happy boy.

Carter woke up about 45 minutes before Evan one day this week and I let him play in the living room which we normally have blocked off. They both love it in there, but I have to watch them because they like to play in the diaper trash (gross!!).

He learned how to open the dvd player and thought he was something.
Taking a break to dance to some Kesha

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