Monday, September 19, 2011

Goods Sales and Good Naps

The past few days have been wonderful. The weather is perfect, the boys have been in great moods, we've taken them to the park and let them play outside some which we all love, they've been taking GREAT naps, they're sleeping great at night, and they slept until 6:00 on Saturday and 6:15 on Sunday, which was so nice. Normally Greg and I take turns sleeping in, one will get up with the babies on Saturday and  one on Sunday, but since we got to sleep so "late" neither of us needed to sleep in. If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would consider sleeping until 6:00 "sleeping in", I would have never have believed you.

I think the boys look so grown up in their fall clothes.
This is what trying to take a picture of Evan is like. He charges for me as soon as I whip the camera out.

Friday after Greg got off work, we went to Pen Park again. It's so much fun taking the boys outside now. The weather is nice, and now that they're walking it's so fun to watch them get excited and explore things. We found out they love the slide. It's hard to think of them as toddlers that can go down the slide by themselves. I keep thinking of them as my little, itty, bitty, babies. After the park, we went out to dinner for Mexican. The boys were so good while we were out. We ordered some tortillas when we first sat down and let them munch on those until their quesadilla came. They are definitely our children-they love some Mexican food. After we put them to bed we  watched "Letting Everything Go" with Will Ferrell. It wasn't his typical goofy comedy, it was a serious movie with a few funny parts. I liked it, but I pretty much like anything Will Ferrell is in.

Saturday morning, I got up and went to a consignment shop called The Lollipop Shop with my friend. We left our kids with our husbands so we could do some serious shopping. She found some great deals for her daughters, I did not have as much luck finding stuff for the boys. The infant stuff was in great shape and the girls clothes were in great shape, but all the clothes I looked at for the boys looked pretty rough. I think it's probably hard to find used boys clothes that are going to be stained and beat up a little. I know how busy my boys are and how dirty their clothes can get. Also, I found the with the boys clothes, the prices weren't incredible, I'm really good at finding good deals (especially online) at Carters, Old Navy, Kohl's, etc. But, I did get the boys several pairs of shoes, most of them were $3.00 and $4.00 except for a pair of Stride Rites that I got for $8.00. We've been looking at shoes for them lately, and a lot of the ones we like are 12-20.00, so I felt that the shoes were a great deal. I also got a light zip up sweater and a fleece lined, reversible jacket. A collection of Veggie Tales Silly Songs and Kids Sing Alongs on dvd for our upcoming trip to Georgia. And two parenting books for me. (I'm obsessed with parenting books!) Later that day, we ran some errands and looked for some costumes for the boys but weren't able to find anything that we liked. After the boys went to bed, we were able to watch another movie.

Sunday, the boys slept until 6:15 and 6:30. After their first nap, we went to Kohl's to get a few things and then took the boys to the mall to play around in the kids' play area. They had a blast and it wasn't too busy so they were able to explore and do all the things they wanted to do. Later that day we did some grocery shopping and went to Sam's. I tried a new crock pot recipe-orange chicken and it was a disaster. I thought it was so gross, it just tasted like orange juice. The picture that went with the recipe had the chicken looking like it was from a chinese restaurant, and mine didn't look anything like that. Oh well.

The boys at the mall.
This pictures made me laugh. He looks possessed and like he's chasing somebody down.  Him and Carter were squeling and hollering, there's kind of an echo in the mall and it sounds different when you holler in there than when they do at home. It was cute to watch them get so excited about playing there.

Me and the boys have some fun things going on this week, we're meeting an old co-worker of mine for lunch, going to playgroup for the MOMs group, meeting another friend at Yoder's for a playdate, and if the weather cooperates, we'll make a couple of trips to the park this week. This is Greg's short week, he only has to work 4 days and then a 3 day weekend, which I'm looking forward to.

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