Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Things

I have a few random pictures of the boys I wanted to post.

We went to Yoder's on Wednesday, it was the first time we've gone since both boys started walking. It was a playdate with the MOPs group. The boys had a lot of fun and Carter even went up to a goat and touched it. He's fine with animals, but if I pick him up and try and bring him to the goat, he'd have a fit. He has to do it himself and on his own time. Evan could care less, he has no fear when it comes to animals. With both boys walking, I was busy trying to watch them and keep them from getting into things or stealing other kids snacks (ahem, Carter) so I couldn't get a picture of them with the goats, this is the only one I got.

I took these pictures a few nights ago when we went out in front of the house to let the boys walk around a little bit. We walked up the street a little bit and it was so cute to see the boys walking.

The boys are obsessed with my phone. There is no fit that my phone can't stop. They can be crying for any reason and if I hand them my phone, everything is good. The only problem is, I only have one cell phone, so if they are both next to each other, I can't use this little trick because then it turns into a major fight over the phone. But, it's really cute to see them on it. Here's some pictures I got of Carter playing with it the other day.

The boys have a play tent that we got them for their birthday. They love it and play with it all the time. They don't like to just go inside or crawl through, they like to knock it down. Well, the other day when they were playing, Carter was inside it and went to knock it down and fell into a basket I have in the front room for their blankets and I walked in and saw this.
 He was laying on part of the tent, so it was stuck with him.

 Look at that grin!
I SWEAR my children are dressed 99% of the time. I leave them in their pajamas until after their first nap, I give them a snack of fruit and it's usually messy, so I change them right after that and leave them in their clothes until bathtime. If I have to change their diaper right before I'm going to change them into their outfits or put them in the bath, then I just leave their pants off. This 5 minutes or so every few days is when they do the funniest, cutest things. I feel like every picture I take to post on here, they are pantless in. I swear they don't run around like that all day.

Cute things I want to remember but didn't get a picture of:
*Evan started fussing the other day while Greg was filling up his sippy cup, and Carter walked over to him and held out his sippy cup and let Evan drink out of it--SO SWEET!!!
*Carter used to be really shy, but now that he's able to walk so good, that has gone out the window. When we were at the park the other day, he walked up to this group of 4 or 5 year old girls, wedged himself in between them and acted like he was apart of their group, he even climbed up on the part of the slide that one of them was sitting on to sit next to her.
*I've been rubbing orajel on Carter's gums before his naps and at bedtime, so now when I open the lid to the orajel and start putting it on my finger, he takes out his pacifier and opens his mouth real wide.
* Evan is really into hugging and when I get him out of the crib he wraps his arms around my neck and hugs me. He does on command most of the time if I ask him to give me a hug and I've even seen him hugging Carter.
*The boys have been hanging out under the dining room table for a few minutes every day, I just thought they were having fun being under there, well, it turns out they've been working on this screw under there a little bit each day and finally got it off. I took it away and there was this flat, round, circle piece behind it (greg said it's called a washer?) and I tried to get it off, I tried and tried and couldn't, so I figured they wouldn't either. I walked away to wash my hands and turn around (like, 5 seconds later) and Evan has it off.

These boys make us laugh so hard every day. I think Carter has finally got his two bottom molars in, and is back to his normal, happy self. They are sleeping better at night, napping better during the day, and play so well. They are in good moods during the day and they are always laughing. I'm so glad to be past teething for a little while and I hope Carter's top molars don't come in for awhile, maybe after the holidays. :)

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