Friday, September 2, 2011

Play Kitchen

I'm pretty behind on blogging and posting pictures, so I may be doing a couple of posts a day until I get caught up.

We got the boys a play kitchen for their birthday. It was something I always knew I wanted to get for the boys. We had considered making one like this or this, because large ones are pretty expensive. After going to the Greene County Fair and the boys played so well on the play kitchen there, I figured we'd get it for them this Christmas instead of waiting until next year. I decided to start looking on Craiglist to see what the prices were for a gently used one and the first kitchen that came up was one that I really liked for a great price. I drove to Louisa (the epicenter of the earthquake that we had-more on that in another post) and picked it up. You may remember from this post, that Greg insisted we all go together and he KNEW it would fit just fine in the car. Well, apparently I forgot to upload the pictures from the trip home, so here they are. As you can clearly see, I was right (like I usually am. ;)

Since it's pretty big, there was no where to keep it until Christmas, so we decided to go ahead and give it to the boys for their birthday. Here's some pictures of them playing on it.

The "oven" has a shelf in it that the boys love to take out.
The age range on these starts at two, I think, but I felt that the boys were ready for it. But, you can see that it's hard from them to reach some of the parts on the kitchen.
They love the play pots and pans that came with it.
There's a phone that hangs on the side and the boys love to get it off and play with it.

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