Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family Visit

I have not been blogging this past week because we had family visiting from Arizona. Greg's parents, brother Brian, brother and sister-in-law, Eric and Carrie and their two kids, Ian and Lainey, all came out last Friday and left today. We all went to the beach for three days while they were here. It was the first time we got to meet baby Lainey and Eric, Carrie, Ian and Lainey's first time out to Virginia and first time meeting the boys. It was so nice to have all the little cousins together. I'm so behind on blogging and we did a lot while they were here, so I might be posting more than once a day to get caught up.

Friday morning, Carter was acting really fussy. He started limping and when I picked him up, he was burning up. I checked the bottom of his foot and he had a blister and it was red and starting to spread. I called the pediatrician and they were able to see him right away. It turns out he had a splinter that got infected. :( Poor thing. The doctor had to stick a needle in his foot several times to drain it and then had to use the needle to get the splinter out. Carter didn't cry once, he didn't even flinch. He played with the magna doodle and flirted with the nurse. He was so brave. He did end up having to get an antibiotic shot and go in for a follow up the next day (Saturday) but after getting the splinter out, he was so much better.

You can see the bandage on his foot. He was getting antsy in the room and wanted to explore.

I had to take him the next day for a follow up to make sure the infection had stopped spreading. There was a 2 week old baby with breathing problems that had to be taken out by ambulance, so we ended up waiting for 2 hours in the waiting room. The doctor ended up going on the ambulance with the baby and they called in another doctor to see patients. Carter was such a trooper and did great the whole time.

We enjoyed some snacks.

and ripped out all the pages of a dollar store book and decorated it with stickers. I do have to tell this little tidbit or I'll forget. Carter is terrified of the scale. When the nurse came to get us, he walked right up to her and followed her and when she pointed to the scale, he yelled "no" and started running the other way. When she said he didn't have to weigh in, he finally agreed to come back and walked on the opposite side of the hallway as the scale. The door of our exam room was right next to the scale and when he had to go in the room, he ran as fast as he could past the scale. She asked me to try and see if I could get him to go on it while we waited. I did try, but as soon as he figured out what I was up to he'd run away yelling "no". He doesn't mind a needle getting stuck in his foot, but he's scared of a scale?!

Saturday, while Carter and I were at the doctor, Evan and the rest of the family went to Yoder's. I think everybody really enjoyed it. This was the only picture Greg took. Evan and his cousin, Ian were like two peas in a pod. He LOVED Ian and they played so well together.

After naps, we all went to the Peach Orchard. I think everybody enjoyed picking and tasting the fresh peaches. We cooled off afterwards with some peach ice cream.

The boys knew exactly where we were and what to do. They love the peach orchard.

Ian picking peaches.

Lainey was so good the ENTIRE time she was here. She's such a happy and easy baby. It was so fun having a little girl around. I loved all the pink, and the hair bows.

Trying a peach.
Eating some peaches.
After the peach orchard, we went home and had pizza for dinner and put the kids to bed. We all packed up our stuff and got ready to leave for the beach the next day.

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