Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Week

I'm doing a weekly recap aka a photo dump post. Greg had to work late 3 days last week. In the great big scheme of things, it's not the worst thing ever, but I'm so spoiled with him getting off at 3:00, that him working until 6:00 seems like an eternity. He was trying to make up as much time as he could so he'd have to take less vacation time from the week his family was here, so I had some really, really long days with the boys, but we made it and now Greg is back on his normal schedule. So, here's the random pictures and stories from last week.

The boys LOVE dipping food and so we're working through this picky stage they're both going through by letting them have salsa, ketchup, etc. with their food.


Monday, we had an impromtu playdate with two other moms of multipes. We normally have them every Monday, but we got confused this week on who was supposed to host, so I decided about 9:30 on Monday that I'd do it. Our house wasn't clean, but Evan had a blast. (Carter was in a bit of a mood). I told the boys we were having friends come over and now that's one of Evan's favorite words. Anytime we're about to leave the house, he says "Friends?" It's so cute.

After the boys nap, we headed to Yoder's to see the animals. It wasn't too hot out, which was nice.

It's monkey see, monkey do on everything with these two.

After Evan's nap one day, he got the control and turned it on Days of Our Lives. He watched that show so intently! Not like he watches cartoons, he sat still and was mesmerized.

Tuesday it stormed real bad in the afternoon, so we pulled out the pull out bed on the couch, got tons of blankets, put on some Veggie Tales and played. The boys loved it!

Then, they realized they could go under the couch and had even more fun.

Evan likes to wake up in the mornings and take his shorts off and then pull his shirt down like this. He's such a goober.

We bought these at the grocery store this week and they are amazing. They're so delicious. And they're 8oz, so their so tiny and cute.

I ended up taking the boys to the mall twice this week to play in the mornings. One morning it was rainy and cloudy and the other it was just too hot to do anything else.

The boys get out so much energy at the mall. They love chasing each other and running around. They're finally at an age now that when other kids get there, they like to play with the other kids.

We had applesauce for snack one day and Evan was not about to let any go to waste.

A Fresh Beat Band song came on during snack time and they say "raise your hands to the sky" and so Carter did. haha.

I picked this up at Target this week to include in their birthday presents. We are getting rid of those dang pacifiers, I'm so ready.

Thursday, the preschool that the boys were going to attend in the fall had a playdate for all the kids that will be going in the fall. It was a great way to meet the other moms, teachers, and kids. The boys had a blast, but it was HOT!

We came home and played inside in the nice air conditioning. The boys love pretend play especially with their kitchen and food.

Our second trip to the mall.

Friday afternoon, I decided to take the boys to the Discovery Museum by myself. They did great. They played hard, had fun, they were easy to keep track of and left without fussing. We just bought a family pass a couple of weeks ago, so it was free to go.

They sure love train tables.

I thought Evan looked like such a big boy (ignore the red eyes) sitting a reading a book.

They always have the best time with this cone. You push a button and air comes up and makes the balls float. They get the biggest kick out of it.

Carter kept laughing when he let go of the ball and I tried to get a picture of him laughing and smiling and kept catching him making the funniest faces. They were so excited playing with this thing.

This toddler room is so fun and they love the slide.

There's a huge area under the slide for the kids to crawl under and play.

this is what it looks like underneath. It's dark with the string of lights for them to see. It's really neat.

Last week was long. Carter had a couple of days where he was coughing and had a runny nose. The weather was either too hot to be outside or raining, Greg had to work late 3 days, the boys were adjusting to getting back into routine after having family here for 8 days. It was just kinda an off week, but we were able to stay pretty busy with some fun activities, so it wasn't too bad. I'm looking forward to this week, Greg will be back on his normal schedule, the boys should be back to their routine, and we're planning on taking the boys to a fair this week. I have a couple of new recipes and pinterest projects I'm working on, so hopefully those turn out good and I can share them on here.

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