Sunday, July 22, 2012

Virginia Beach-Day 2

Monday morning, when the boys woke up, we decided to head down to the beach before it got too hot or crowded. The boys loved playing in the sand. It was nice having the beach pretty much to ourselves.

Greg showed the boys how to make sandcastles.

I couldn't believe how empty the beach was. Although, if our boys weren't early risers, we would have still been sleeping in the hotel, too.

Greg and Carter played in the ocean for a long time. Evan was not interested in the least in going into the water.

He watched them for a few minutes, but then went back to playing in the sand.

When we got back, we went up to the hotel pool to rinse off from the beach a so the boys got a little water play in. It was hard to get pictures of them at the pool because I needed to be in with them helping, but after a couple of times going in, they became pros and I was able to get some pictures.

After we got done swimming we came back upstairs to shower and get ready. These little Dollar Store window decals were so helpful in keeping the boys entertained while we got ready.

We met Greg's family for lunch at a nearby mexican restaurant. The boys love dipping their chips into the salsa, no matter how spicy it is.


We took the boys back to the room to take a nap and when they woke up we headed out to the aquarium. The boys had a blast and burned off so much energy. We didn't bring the strollers because we wanted them to be able to pet the sting rays and stuff and knew once we took them out, they wouldn't get back in and we'd be stuck pushing empty strollers throughout the aquarium. But, two active boys loose in an aquarium was quite the adventure.

Walking through the turtle habitat.

The boys loved the fish.

We were in one area and I was snapping pictures and all of a sudden Evan decides to go up to a random stranger and touch his tattoo on his calf. I about died. The guy and his girlfriend were so nice and thought it was funny, thank goodness. Evan is definitely not shy. When I was going through my pictures later, I couldn't believe I actually snapped a picture at the same time Evan decided to touch that guy.

After our visit to the aquarium, we got some ice cream.

We ended up doing a lot of things on our own. Having two 2 year olds, a 9 month old and a 4 year old makes it pretty hard to schedule things at the same time with all the different nap schedules and things. Plus, the time difference made that even harder because it took a little time for everybody (mainly the kids) to get adjusted to the East Coast time. So, we all did things on our own throughout the day, but met for meals, pool time, and in the evenings. So, I don't have many pictures of everybody at the beach, but I swear they were all there. ;)

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