Sunday, July 8, 2012

Random Picture Dump

I have so many pictures from the past several weeks. I went out of town for a funeral, came back and we lost power that night and then we lost our internet, so I’m really behind. Instead of doing a post for each of these pictures, I figured I’d just do a photo dump with captions.

The boys being silly one morning.

The boys love their train table. Evan loves putting the track together.

We hosted the multiples playgroup, and it we started outside since it was so nice out.

I took the boys shopping and saw this fun toy that I thought would be perfec to take to the beach with us next week. Evan thought it looked fun too, he carried it from store to store, just happy to be holding it.

Carter almost always wakes up from his nap first, so we usually go downstairs and cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons while waiting for Evan to wake up. I try and take advantage of him being still and get a few pictures of him.

I had the camera flipped so he could see himself and he decided to make some funny faces.
 While Greg was hanging curtains in Evan's room, the boys wanted to play in Evan's crib.

Shopping with two boys and a stroller makes it hard to get a whole lot. But, I was up for the challenge at Target one morning and had our cart packed full. There's stuff underneath as well.

I rarely put the boys in matching outfits, but these shirts were on clearance at kohl's, so I got two. I think they look cute.

The boys waiting for Daddy to get home. They love greeting him at the door.

Spending the afternoon at Yoder's. They had so much fun.

The day I left for Tennessee, Greg was having a family fun day at his work. So, I met him at work, ate lunch and dropped off the boys with him. the boys had a blast running around.

We ran into another boy from the neighborhood that we've had playdates with, but both boys were more interested in the goat than each other.

I never thought the boys would use silverware. I felt like when we first gave them forks and spoons, they were more interested eating with their hands, but they finally came around.

Evan was wore out after a day of playing hard. Greg and I thought he looked so cute relaxing on the couch.

We went grocery shopping with the boys and ran out of their normal snacks. So we gave them cookies that had chocolate on them. Maybe not the best idea on a hot day, but they loved them.

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