Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Splash Park and Michie's Tavern

Last Thursday, we decided to all go out to eat at Michie's Tavern. It's one of Greg's parents favorite restaurants in Charlottesville and we try and go every time they're here. We decided to take all the boys by the splash park on the way there since it's so close and the weather was warm. Greg's parents, Brian and Lainey all met us at Michie's.

The boys all really enjoyed the splash park.

Ian seemed to really enjoy the splash park.

It was so cute how well the boys got along. Especially Ian and Evan, they were two little peas in a pod.

We split up the boys at lunch and Evan got to sit with Grandma on one end of the table and Carter sat with us. We thought it'd be easier for us to get a chance to eat this way and we were right. Eating out with one kid is a piece of cake! ;)

The boys think they're something when they get to drink from cups like big boys.

Evan ate like a champ with Grandma. He had all kinds of yummy food-cooked tomatoes, bbq pork, etc.

I think Carter reallly enjoyed having me and Greg all to himself. Look how happy he is.

Plus, he got to color and eat lots of yummy food. Very happy boy.

Mmmm...ice cream for dessert.

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