Sunday, July 8, 2012


I am going to post an obnoxious amount of pictures of the boys eating watermelon. It was their first time having it not cut up. We just gave them some slices outside and they loved it. I don’t know why, but I thought they were just so cute eating the watermelon, especially Evan. He’s always the one who would rather play than eat, but he was serious business when it came to this watermelon. He loved it. So, here’s some (a lot) of pictures of them eating their watermelon.

See, Carter got up to take a break and play a little bit, but not Evan. He wasn't going anywhere until all that watermelon was gone.

Greg and I sat down, so Evan did come by to sit next to us. Greg was joking about something and I said "stop it" and Evan stopped eating his watermelon, smacked Greg on the hand and said "Stop!, Stop it!". Typing it out, it kinda sounds bratty, but it wasn't, it was really, really cute. It's funny the things they pick up on.

Since both boys have been pretty picky lately, we've resorted to dipping things in ketchup, bbq sauce, etc. So, Carter took his watermelon to the pool and dunked it in the water and said "dip, dip, dip".

I thought it was funny that he was playing with a piece of watermelon in his hand.

And since, I'm doing an entire post on the boys eating watermelon, here's a couple other pictures from yesterday when we went outside to play and have snack.

So, when we were getting the watermelon out to cut up for the boys, I told Greg to just cut it in slices instead of chunks and he didn't understand. I tried to clarify by saying cut it into half moon slices so the boys can just hold them and eat them. Greg still didn't understand. He says he's never, ever eaten watermelon like this. He's only had it chopped up in bite size pieces. That was so funny to me. We always at it like this as a kid, and we didn't get the seedless kind, so we'd have seed spitting contests. Which, Greg had also never heard of. Oh my. My dear, sweet, city boy husband. ;)

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