Monday, July 23, 2012

Virginia Beach-last day.

Our last day at the beach was still very busy. We wanted to get a little bit of last minute fun in, and also make sure we did enough so that the boys would nap on the drive home. When the boys woke up, we went out on the beach one last time for them to play in the sand. It was already hot and humid first thing in the morning. This is not a fun effect I did with this picture, it's my lense fogging up from the humidity.

We sat in the corner next to the stairs since the tractors were still smoothing out the sand.

The boys had a blast playing in the sand.

I had some great ideas for pictures on the beach, but none of them worked out. I wanted to get one of all our footprints and then the words "Virginia Beach 2012" underneath, but getting a footprint of a wiggling 23 month old was harder than I expected.

Carter was so excited about the tractor. He LOVES tractors. He pointed and waved everytime he came around.

Evan thought it was so much fun to get his feet buried in the sand.

Leaving the beach. :(

We took one last dip in the pool before going back to the room to shower and pack up. The boys had never been in a pool before this (except for our blow up kids pool at home) and did great. They LOVED it. We held on to them every second the first day and the second day they had figured out the puddle jumpers and wanted us to let go. By the last day, they were swimming to things they wanted to get to and didn't want us to help them at all. They were naturals. I finally felt ok getting a couple of pictures while Greg was in the pool alone with the two of them.

Evan just swimming away.

We had such a great time at the beach. It went better than we expected. We weren't sure what to think about traveling with two toddlers, but it was a blast. The boys did great on the car ride there and back. They slept great for their naps and at night. They enjoyed the activities we did, like swimming, the park, the beach, even bath time. While we were driving back home, with the boys sleeping in the back seat, we were already planning some more trips. ;)

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