Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Playdates & Parks

Monday, we had our weekly multiples playdate. We started with a little outdoor play and then went inside and played for awhile.

The mom that hosted has a great backyard. I'm pretty sure I've said that about every other mom in the group. They all have great playdate houses and awesome backyards. She had two pools and a splash pad set up, and a playground wtih a sandbox. The boys discovered a bike in the house that she brought out for them to ride also. The boys had such a blast.

This pool is so nice, it's hard so you don't have to worry about blowing it up and there's a little slide on it. All the kids had a lot of fun in this pool.

The boys spent so much time in the sandbox. I was so surprised at how long they played in there. I think they are going to love the beach next week.

A little popsicle break.

The twins and two of the 3 triplets.

It was a little cloudy when we started playing, so I skipped the swimming shirts and just put on sunscreen and I thought the boys looked so cute just playing in their swim trunks. Like big boys.

We dried the kids off and then let them play inside for awhile. All the kids seemed to really have a great time.

Tuesday, I took the boys to the park. The weather has cooled off so much this week, it's been in the 80's. That's so much cooler than last week when the heat index was over 100 every day. I could not believe that we were the only ones at the park.

The boys think they're big kids now and just play on the big kid part.

They went down this slide so many times. they would go down, then run around and either climb up the stairs or the climbing thing on the side and go down again. Over and over. They took such great naps that day. :)

They are really good climbers. I took this picture while they were down at the bottom, and then ran over there. I always spot them as they climb up because I know they could slip. But, they do so good on this.

On our way to the store, I told the boys that they were going to sit in the cart and be really good. I got them to agree to sitting in the cart (they'd much rather run around). We talked about it almost the whole way there and I told them that they could bring Big Bird and Elmo in with them to ride in the cart. So, I put Carter in the cart first and he sat Big Bird in the seat next to him. I thought it was so cute. He moved him to the middle so Evan could sit there, but he kept him beside him the whole time. And by the way, talking to them about riding in the cart before getting there really, really helped. They didn't put up a fight at all and were really good in the store.

Evan always wakes up before Carter and he always wants to run in and wake up Carter, so I've been trying to distract him. One day he didn't want to go downstairs, so I offered to take him in our bedroom and read to him. Apparently, he thinks that's our morning routine now because today I got him out of his crib and he ran into my bedroom, climbed up on the bed and snuggled in on Greg's side and covered up. He looked so cute.

Two worn out boys today after the gym.

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