Sunday, July 22, 2012

Virginia Beach-Day 1

Last Sunday, we all went to the beach. Greg and I were especially excited because it was the boys first time ever going to the beach. We all packed up Sunday morning and left around 11:00, hoping the boys would nap in the car. It's a 3 and a half hour drive from our house to Virginia Beach, and the boys napped for about 30 minutes. We stopped for lunch at Popeyes and let them stretch their legs and they ended up being really good the entire car ride there. We packed several little things from the Dollar Store to give them for the ride and I think that helped a lot.

You can't really tell in this picture, but this is us crossing over the bridge and seeing the ocean. The boys know the word "beach" and were saying it over and over. They knew something exciting was happening and seemed hyped up as we got closer to the beach.

We got there a little bit before the rest of Greg's family arrived in the 15 passenger van they rented. So, we took the boys down to the beach and let them get their feet wet.

It was so hot and the water felt good. I don't think the boys knew what to think .

After Greg's family arrived, we checked into the hotel and unpacked the cars. We had a lot of stuff to bring up. The hotel was perfect! It was right in the middle of the strip and on the beach. There was a bedroom and then a hallway with a little kitchenette and a seperate living room. It was the best set up for us having two kids. We set up the pack-n-plays in the living room and after they went to bed, we could still have the lights on and talk or play on our phones in the bedroom. We had 3 rooms right next to each other and the monitors worked when we took them to another room, so we were also able to all meet up in Greg's parents room after the kids went to sleep and still listen out for them.

Here's the view from the living room.

After unpacking and letting the boys play a little bit, Greg and I took the boys to dinner. Since they only had a 30 minute nap, we decided to do dinner and bedtime a little early. We went to Doughboys and it was delicous. The boys were really well behaved, which we were really happy about.

Carter making the "yum" face.

The first night there was an acrobat show on the beach that we could see perfectly from our balcony. This picture was taken from the balcony.

Here's a few more pictures when we first got to the room. The boys were very excited about this balcony.

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