Monday, July 30, 2012

Parks & Pools

We had a relaxing weekend of just hanging out and spending time as a family. Last weekend, we spent cleaning and running errands, so it was nice to have a relaxing weekend.

Greg and the boys playing in the basement. When I tell Evan to say "cheese", he'll look at me and say it. He's so fast though, I usually still can't get a picture of him looking at the camera.

Evan loves to put on our shoes and walk around the house.

Evan decided to wake up at 4:45 on Sunday morning. So, we had to get creative since we had so much time to kill before naptime. Greg and I spent Friday night going through some of the boys things to get rid of or sell, so the boys found the piles and played and played. They loved seeing all their old toys. It was a mess when they were done though.

Evan found their old blow up duck tub and wanted it blown up. I have no idea how he knew that he was supposed to blow it up. Smart boy.

They spent some time playing with blankets and pillows on the guest bed.

We checked out a park we've only been to a few times and the boys had a great time.

They were just picking up mulch and pebbles and putting them through the slots. It's interesting to watch them entertain themselves. They can have fun with pretty much anything.

We had their snack outside so they could eat watermelon. They LOVE watermelon.

After their nap on Sunday, we took the boys to a wading pool we found last weekend by a park we tried out. The whole pool is like 2ft deep and the boys had a blast. They were worn out when they got done.

The pool has lots of foam noodles, balls, etc. for all the kids to play with. I'm so glad, I didn't think to bring toys and the boys had so much fun playing with everything.

I can't believe August is almost here. Pretty soon the pools, splash parks, etc are going to be closed. I'm so glad we've taken advantage of all these summer things and that the boys are old enough to do this stuff this summer.

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