Wednesday, July 25, 2012

McIntire Park

Greg and I enjoy taking the boys to the park. We like getting out of the house, the boys have a lot of fun, and it's free. We've been going to the same two parks over and over, so we've decided to try some new parks in Charlottesville out. There's so many we've never been to, so we're going to start trying some new places out.

 McIntire park is a big park wtih a golf course, two playgrounds, a wading pool, lots of picnic areas, softball fields, etc. We decided to give that one a try on Sunday. The first playground was pretty small, it didn't even have swings. The fun thing about this playground was the neat "rock" climbing stairs that the kids could use to get up to the equipment. Other than that, it was kinda small and a little boring.

The boys love going down slides.

Evan especially liked the neat rock climbing stairs.

We didn't end up staying at that playground very long. The other playground was a short drive, so we decided to check that one out also. This was in McIntire Park East, also known as the playground that time forgot. The equipment was SO old. This playground has definitely seen better days.

The boys really liked it, though. Especially this random, purple dinosaur.

The boys like any playground with tunnels.

The good thing about this playground was that it was right next to a wading pool that we thought would be perfect for the boys. They are actually free to get in, so we plan on taking them there before the end of the summer. Even though neither of these playgrounds compared to the ones we normally take the boys to, it was nice to go somewhere different. I think the boys enjoyed doing something a little different also.

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